Spectra financials

About us

We are accountants, tax and business consultants, with headquarters in Varna - Bulgaria.
We specialize in all round book-keeping and financial management.
Abiding the Bulgarian Law and customers' interests, we offer full range of services in the field of accounting, finance, business and tax consulting, independent inner audit.
Our customers are Bulgarian and foreign firms of different size operating in almost all industries. Our goal is to provide high quality services assisting your business expansion.

Why Bulgaria?
With its 10% corporate tax, the lowest in the European Union, Bulgaria gets a competitive edge and can be used as a hub for this market. The low work pay, security, and health insurance is a leverage for the companies.
The new cabinet of Boyko Borisov and the crackdown on the organized crime and corruption, per se bodes well for the businesses.
As a member of the European Union, Bulgaria has implemented the European laws and regulations, guaranteeing smooth business operations. With its NATO membership the country is regarded as a secure place.
The Business outlook for Bulgaria has been increased for the last year by S&P, Fitch and Moody’ and with that the government bond yields have diminished substantially, on the face of the rising bond yields in peripheral Europe. The long-term trend for lower yields, its third lowest budget deficit in European Union, and low debt to GDP ratio, makes Bulgaria attractive for investing.
The recent financial crises, the biggest since the Great Depression, roiled the developed markets in US, Europe and Japan. The deflationary process in Japan, the quantitative easing in US, and the financial turmoil in Europe, have set a firm long-term course for investors and businessmen towards EM economies.