Spectra financials


Prices for accounting services per month - statutory accounts, VAT and payroll administration.
Basically the prices can be grouped as follows.

Firms non VAT registered VAT registered
Small firms of up to 10 employees €80 €120
Mid-sized firms between 10 - 50 employees €120 €240
Mid-sized to large firm 50- 100 employees €240 €480
Large firms over 100 employees Bargain. Bargain.

Prices for onetime services, concerning firms doing business without an accountant, or firms without business activities for the year.

Onetime service Price
Annual settlement of the firm's book-keeping €120
Submitting of zero profit declaration form €50

Non-Bulgarian citizens are allowed to buy real estates in Bulgaria, provided they have set up a firm. This firm may not maintain traiding.

Non-trading companies Price
A company set up to buy an asset - non VAT registered €200 per year
A company set up to buy an asset - VAT registered,
and claim back VAT.
€60 per month

However depending on the specific activities of each company the prices could be tailored to fit your accounting needs. For that purpose, please fill the form below.
Free correspondence and secretary services are included in our accounting package of services. Our address can be used as your nominal office in Bulgaria.
All prices are ex VAT.

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