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Opera actress " Pri Monahinite (At The Nuns)"
"At the Nuns" Restaurant is located on "Primorski" Blvd. near the Sea Park of Varna. The restaurant is situated in a building that is unique for its history. Only if those stone walls could talk... It was built in 1869 with the financial support of Paraskeva Nikolau a Varna-born citizen of Odesa. That architectural masterpiece used to be the first civil hospital in Varna. The charity hospital was named after its godfather: "Paraskeva Nikolau".
address: Varna, 47 "Primorski" Blvd.
Phone: 052 611 830, mobile: 0897 892 153
Comparison: More expansive than average

Opera actress " Odayata"
This is a big restaurant, about 120 seats indoors and the same again on its terrrace, which lends itself equally to group dining and more intimate repasts. The tables are set well apart and the larger groups add to the overall ambience rather than taking it over.
Comparison: About average

Opera actress " Trops Kushta"
Dishes are freshly prepared in batches and topped up throughout the day as required. For the really budget conscious they start discounting by 30% sometime in the evening as they start to wind down for the day.
Address: 48 Knyaz Boris I Blvd. /the pedestrian street/
Comparison: Least expansive, less than $10

Opera actress " BMS Bulgarian Cuisine"
The restaurant offers typical Bulgarian food. Specialties of Bulgarian cuisine can be tried here. Big choice of delicious food and drink. Opposite the railewaystation
Comparison: Less than $10

Night Clubs

Opera actress " Extravaganzza Disco"
open from
22.30 - 06.00
Below Orbita hotel
25 Tzar osvoboditel Blvd.

Opera actress " Disco Club Arrogance"
open from
22.30 - 06.00
Below Orbita hotel
Golden Sands, The Astera Hotel

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