Spectra financials


Book keeping on a daily basis plus finishing of the accounting periods according to the Bulgarian and the International requirements;
Preparing the monthly VAT reports according to the legal requirements;
Calculating and preparing all necessary documents for budget payments;
Preparing the depreciation plan for the long term assets;
Calculating the data will the appropriate software and exchanging it via Internet;

Preparing the annual reports:
Preparing and submitting financial reports;
Preparing and submitting the Consolidated Reports;
Preparing and submitting of the Annual Tax Statements;
Preparing and submitting of statistical data for the National Statistical Institute;
Processing salaries and other papers for the personnel;

Preparing work agreements:
Registration and reregistration of work agreements;
Preparing the necessary papers for finishing work agreements;
Preparing the monthly pay ledger and pay tickets;
Preparing the payments towards the budget;
Submitting information for the Social Security - Statement specimen #1;
Providing information for the towards the Social Security - Statement specimen #6;
Preparing the necessary papers for the National Social Security Institute concerning Doctor's note for sick-leave;
Preparing of official confirmations;
Calculating the necessary annual paid and unpaid leave;
Legal consulting concerning the working legal ties according to the Bulgarian Law.